December 19, 2022

Rose Keith, KC authors Mediation Moment article in The Verdict discussing Mediation and Estate Litigation

Harper Grey lawyer, Rose Keith, KC, authored her quarterly Mediation Moment column in the Winter 2022 edition of The Verdict. This installment of the column discusses the relationship and intersectionality of mediation and estate litigation. Specifically, Rose addresses the increased stresses associated with dealing with the private family affairs or grief over the death of a loved one and how mediation can be a useful and powerful tool in this process. Read the full article here.

Throughout her years of practice, Rose has been very involved in mediations as counsel.  That experience showed her the pivotal role that a mediator can play in the success of a mediation and the experience of clients in the mediation process. Rose is now a Roster member with Mediate BC and has an active and thriving mediation practice. She was an early adopter of virtual mediation and is very familiar with the technology and the process. Read more about her mediation expertise here.