Published by: Harper Grey - 23.Sept.10 September 23, 2010

“SCC Decision Re: Progressive Homes v. Lombard Insurance” Article

Nigel Trevethan, Emily Williamson

The Supreme Court of Canada issued its decision regarding Progressive Homes v. Lombard General Insurance today.

Harper Grey LLP lawyers Nigel Trevethan and Emily Williamson have conducted a prelimnary analysis on this groundbreaking case, which addresses issues such as:

  1. Was the meaning of the phrase “property damage” in CGL’s limited to damage to a third party’s property?
  2. Coud defective workmanship ever be considered a fortuitous event capable of satisfying the concept of an “accident”?
  3. Does the exclusion for work performed include work completed by subcontractors?

The attached article provides further detail regarding the impact of the case and issues that both insurers and policy holders should be aware of.

Read the article here.