Celebrating Pride Month 2022

Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee provided us with numerous opportunities to celebrate Pride this month!

We started off with the circulation of educational materials about barbara findlay – a pioneer for gay rights and the first openly lesbian lawyer in Canada to be recognized with a Queen’s Counsel designation. Over the last 30 years, barbara has brought together the forces of feminism, anti-oppression and community activism, advocating for the rights and freedoms of queer and transgender Canadians.

We closed out the month with a firm-wide round of virtual Pride trivia, with the winner receiving a gift card to a LGBTQQIP2SAA+ business and being able to choose a local LGBTQQIP2SAA+ charity to receive a donation. Congratulations to our winner, Nikky! The charity she chose was Rainbow Refugee – an organization that supports LGBTQQIP2SAA+ people fleeing their country due to persecution. You can read more about the organization here.

Thanks to everyone who participated and to our DIB Committee for organizing. Happy Pride Month!