Earth Day 2023

The Harper Grey Green Committee has been working hard to make daily life at the firm a little greener. They’ve worked closely with the building to implement positive changes such as:

  1. Removing plastic bags from all desk garbage cans
  2. Removing plastic straws from all kitchens
  3. Switching from traditional batteries to reusable batteries
  4. Implementing a chopstick recycling program
  5. Switching to recycled paper that is FSC certified
  6. Purchasing all new furniture from a local company with an eco-friendly approach
  7. Creating custom signage for green, recycling, and garbage bins
  8. Volunteering for beach clean-up days
  9. Volunteering at the Creekside Community Garden


This Earth Day the Green Committee shared an e-brochure detailing all the green initiatives available at Harper Grey and suggestions on what we can do in our personal lives to make a difference.

A huge thank-you to the Green Committee for all your hard work in making Harper Grey a more sustainable and earth friendly place to work. 🌎