Farewell John Brown

On Thursday, March 9, the Firm gathered to wish former Harper Grey Partner, John Brown, all the best in his well-deserved retirement.

John’s impressive 47-year-long career with Harper Grey started in 1975 when he joined the Firm as an articling student at the age of 24. John watched Harper Grey grow and evolve throughout his distinguished career, which included a 15 year period as the Firm’s managing partner from 1997-2012. As someone who worked alongside John during his decades-long career, former Partner, Bryan Baynham, eloquently stated in his speech that, “(John) knew (Harper Grey) is where he belonged right from the start”.

The crowd enjoyed heartfelt words from numerous Firm members who worked closely with John over his tenure at Harper Grey.

In John’s words, “a firm is only as good as it’s people,” and he did his best to ensure everyone at Harper Grey felt valued and appreciated every day.

Thank you John, Harper Grey is going to miss you!

Firm members donned their sweater vest best in honour of John (pictured wearing red in the center) and his impeccable fashion sense.