Happy Father’s Day!

In celebration of Father’s Day, we had firm members send in pictures of themselves with their dad or father figure along with a note describing what makes him so special.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads and father-figures out there!



Outgoing, funny, supportive, hard-working – I could go on and on about my dad’s great qualities. I am forever appreciative for everything he has done for me and continues to do.

– Alexa

My dad is eternally a child – in the best possible way. Thank you, Dad, for always keeping life light, fun and full of adventure.

– Brooke

Dad is not a great cook, but I appreciate that he tries!

– Evelyn

“Thank you dad for teaching your children values that will last a lifetime and can be earned no other way” – Farmer’s Daughter

– Dina

The first man in my life, my first best friend and my forever confidante.

– Janet

My Dad has taught me how to fail with courage, and how to succeed with genuine humility.  My Dad has taught me to love fearlessly, and to prioritize family over all else, at every moment.  My Dad has taught me the importance of being yourself, and always giving it everything you’ve got.  My Dad has taught me nothing short of everything I know.

– Mollie

Besides sharing his first name with me, my dad has given me and taught me so much, many of which I am only starting to fully appreciate now.  The most important thing my dad taught me was perspective.  He said enjoy the journey, there is always something better and worse out there, and there is always time to crack a joke or two, as it might just make someone’s day.  I appreciate all that my dad has done for me; now if I could only learn how to swim like him!

– Ryan

Dear Dad, even though we’re a province away, thank you for continuing to be my rock! You’re the first person I want to call when I receive good news and the first person I call when things are (seemingly) imploding all around me.

You’ve shown me that intelligence alone isn’t sufficient; it requires reason, compassion, and a thirst for understanding the world and its people.

Your wisdom shines bright, inspiring everyone around you. Wishing you a happy Father’s Day, Dad!

– Shannon