Harper Grey Children’s Garden

We are thrilled to announce that through Harper Grey’s Green Committee the firm will be sponsoring a new children’s garden as part of the revitalization efforts of the Creekside Community Garden Society. On Saturday, July 16, 2022, firm members and their friends and family showed up with power tools, shovels, and a love of gardening to help get the revitalization project off the ground. Quite literally off the ground! In less than a day, they demolished the old plots, assembled the new steel ones, and safely transplanted veggies and flowers to their new beds – and it looks incredible! A huge thank you to all who helped. For those wanting to check it out, the garden is plot #17 and is located right on the seawall at 1 Athlete’s Way, near Science World. Still to come is finalizing the children’s garden plots – we will keep you updated!