Harper Grey Lawyers attend the CBA Love of Litigation 3rd annual event

On February 16, Harper Grey lawyers, Ryan Chan, Natasha Cooke, Renee Gagnon, Neal Parker, Kirsten Rogerson, Claire Shanna, Emma Sydora, and Aman Taggar were excited to attend the 3rd annual For the Love of Litigation event hosted by the Canadian Bar Association BC (CBABC) Civil Litigation subsection.

Dinner featured local practitioners; The Hon. Justice Alan Ross, The Hon. Justice Ward K. Branch, Alison M. Latimer, KC, Nazeer T. Mitha, KC, and Seema Lal who recounted short anecdotes about funny, important, or cherished events in their career.

The CBABC Civil Litigation subsection deals with the practice of civil litigation, including rules and procedures for the conduct of civil cases, the jurisdiction of civil courts, the enforcement of judicial decisions of a civil nature and the role of counsel in the civil litigation system. Learn more about the subsection here.