Harper Greyhounds participate in the 2019 Vancouver Sun Run!

This past weekend our own Harper Greyhounds participated in the Vancouver Sun Run, placing 32nd among the 53 Legal/Accounting firms that participated. Their final time was an impressive 9:59:11 – congratulations everyone!

Read what HG team captain Alan Cheng had to say about his team and the marathon as a whole:


This year’s race saw a freak hailstorm that lasted some 15 mins. Our Lisa, Martha, Mirko, and Natasha led the pack and outran the storm behind them to finish dry and unscathed.  For the rest of us, the sky pelted hail at our faces for an intensive exfoliating scrub. Winter had come back for that bit just to mark the return of Game of Thrones.

Jonathan and Levi started at a later heat but were among our fastest. They also got pelted by hail but that only amped up their challenge further:

“We were happy with [our] time although we spent most of the time dodging around people.  The weather provided a bit of incentive to go fast (or else freeze).  We foolishly wore no base layer or jackets. Levi had even more incentive  – his baseball game was rescheduled from the day before to 11:30 on Sunday (we only found out while waiting to start – it was originally just cancelled) so we had to finish the race ASAP and then run as fast as possible to the Yaletown/Roundhouse Canada Line stop.  He only missed 1 inning.”  – JDM

At the 5 km mark I caught up to Darlene who, although thoroughly drenched managed to beat her 2018 time by 7 minutes.  In previous years Darlene jog/walked the course.  But this year after training tirelessly she ran the entire course.  Way to go Darlene!  She also completed her first half marathon this February!  She’s proof that when you commit you will become stronger and healthier.

A shout-out to Kelly and Fenny.  Kelly completed the entire course with her stroller, meaning this Super Mom plowed through the drifting sea of slush that was atop the Cambie bridge.  Fenny, ordinarily one of our quickest runners – walked the course this year with her parents, both first timers and likely repeats.  Her Mom was assisted by a walker and Fenny helped her Dad in his wheelchair, even fabricating some makeshift wheelchair foot rests using cardboard, then going on to complete the course.

Thank you to all of my amazing teammates!  You all overcame hurdles and are so inspiring in various ways!

Team Captain – Alan Cheng