HG’s Annual Halloween Costume Contest: the Results are in!

Despite the pandemic, and some of the firm working from home while others worked in the office, our annual Halloween Costume Contest still brought out the creativity amongst our lawyers and staff!

The results are in and our winners are as follows:

Check out our winners and runners-up in the photos below!

Aaron R – Stable Jean-ius


Darlene R – “There’s No Crying in Baseball”, Rockford Peach, from A League of Their Own


Dawn M – Bringing a Motion to Sever (Beatrix Kiddo, From Kill Bill)


Francesca W – Wednesday, From the Addams Family


Hannah G – Ghost


Lyndsey O – Krusty Krab, From Sponge Bob Square Pants


Marth Wiebe – Minnie Mouse


San N – San From Princess Mononoke



Scott Marcinkow – Felonious Gru


Tea O – COVID-19 Work Uniform


Theodora B – Hippie Girl


Family Law – The Fairy Tale