Kindness is One Size that Fits All

Harper Grey is proud to support CKNW’s Anti-Bullying Pink Shirt Day. This initiative fell on Wednesday, February 26th this year and was recognized across the country. It starts conversations around bullying prevention and raises funds to support programs fostering self-esteem and empathy in children.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee organized an event and chose to purchase our favourite anti-bullying cupcakes from Take Five Café, who donate all proceeds from their cupcake sales in the month of February to the CKNW Kids Fund in support of anti-bullying programs across the province. While enjoying our sweet treats, we listened to an important speech from Harper Grey partner, Chris Rusnak, who brought attention to the importance of recognizing this day and anti-bullying efforts.

Thank you everyone, for showing your support and rocking your pink shirts, and to Take 5 for their help in supporting this important initiative! This event wouldn’t have happened without the care and dedication from our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, so thank you all for your hard work!