Staff Appreciation Week 2022

Our amazing HR team organized this year’s Staff Appreciation Week and organized multiple events and gestures of appreciation throughout the week. Kicking things off on Monday, April 25, staff were invited to the boardrooms in the morning to enjoy an epic pancake breakfast meal, complete with sausage, bacon, and fruit.

On Wednesday, April 27, bringing a lunch to work was unnecessary, as it was Greek buffet day, and there was something for everyone! The hardest part of the day was reserving space for the amazing dessert spread. During the meal, HR presented a heart-warming video compilation of messages of appreciation written by firm members for staff members.

To cap it all off, on Friday April 29 we were treated to ice cream from Earnest ( Their setup featured an entire cart of treats and lovely servers who dished out the goods to a long and excited lineup!

The cherry on top was a card of appreciation that included an extra day off with pay!

It was also wonderful to share meals with familiar and non-familiar faces after not being able to for so long. Thanks to the firm for everything – we sure felt appreciated!