Event Date: 02.Jun.21 June 7, 2021

Harper Grey hosts “Ask Us Anything Employer Webinar: Covid Concerns in the Workplace”

On Wednesday, June 2, our Workplace Law Group hosted an Ask Us Anything Employer Webinar: Covid Concerns in the Workplace panel discussion. The webinar provided insights from our panel of subject experts, Scott Marcinkow, Rose Keith, QC, Ryan Chan, Deanna Froese and Neal Parker.

Check out the recorded session below.

Workplace Hygiene and Safety

1. What is a COVID safety plan? (5:19)
2. Who has to have a safety plan? (5:47)
3. Are there any occupational health and safety requirements that I need to be aware of? (6:17)
4. Do I need to be concerned about any liabilities relating to occupational health and safety requirements? (8:49)


5. What do I need to think about for deciding how to deal with my employees getting vaccinated? (12:41)
6. Can I require my employees to get vaccinated? What if my workplace is like a care home or similar to that environment? Does that change whether I can force employees to be vaccinated? (17:03)
7. Can I incentivize my employees to get vaccinated? (21:28)
8. Can I ask employees whether they have been vaccinated? (23:38)
9. Can I ask employees to prove that they have been vaccinated? Instead of just taking the employee’s word for it? (26:44)
10. Can I terminate someone if they refuse to get vaccinated? (29:41)
11. Can I put employees on leave if they won’t get vaccinated or until they get vaccinated? (33:23)
12. To what extent are employee’s permitted to voice their anti-vax or conspiracy related views in the workplace? (35:26)
13. How do I manage a situation where an employee is religiously opposed to getting a vaccination? (37:23)
14. An employee has already indicated they do not want to get the vaccination due to their own health situation (e.g. an allergy or pregnancy) – what is our obligation? (40:59)
15. Can we assign different roles to vaccinated vs non-vaccinated workers? (44:15)
16. Can I require a new employee to have a COVID vaccination as a condition of an employment offer? (48:26)
19. Can we require all employees who are returning to the workplace to be vaccinated? (56:14)

Reintegrating Employees

17. We are looking forward to returning our workplace to normal, bringing employees back to the workplace so that we can get our culture back. How do we do that? (51:38)
18. We are worried that we will have some employees that want to continue to work some, or all of the time from home. Do we have to allow that? (53:24)


This webinar took place on Wednesday, June 2, 2020 at 10:00am PDT. The pandemic is a rapidly changing situation and new measures may have been introduced since the time of recording. The information provided through this webinar recording is intended for general information purposes only and does not create a lawyer-client relationship. It is not intended as legal advice from Harper Grey LLP or the individual participants, nor intended as a substitute for legal advice on any specific subject matter. Detailed legal counsel should be sought prior to undertaking any legal matter.