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When you or someone you care about has been severely injured, what happens next is critical. At Harper Grey, you’ll find the support you need to recover and the expertise to secure the compensation you deserve.

When you or someone you care about has been severely injured, you’re vulnerable. You need help to take the first steps towards recovering your health and your life.

At Harper Grey, we will put together the resources that you need right away, including the best medical experts to evaluate your condition and the financial resources to support you and your family.

We work cooperatively with all parties to settle your case for what you’re entitled to; if we can’t get what we think you deserve we will go to court for you. Our goal is always the same – to help improve the quality of your life after an accident and to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our team is as empathetic as it is experienced, and our lawyers are connected and community-minded. We have worked with many of the experts whose opinions are required to properly present your claim. This builds credibility for your case and paves the way for getting your life back.

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We represent families and individuals who have been injured in every possible setting. Our focus is on brain and spinal cord injuries and wrongful death.

Motor vehicle accidents are as varied as the cares on the road – injuries can include everything from whiplash to wrongful death and many complicated cases in between. They involve drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Every case is different, but if it is a vehicle accident that has brought you to Harper Grey, we have almost certainly dealt with a similar situation in the past.

Often accidents happen when we’re in the wrong place at the wrong time – you trip on stairs at a hotel, you fall of a bike after riding over something that shouldn’t have been on the road, you’re hit by a drunk driver who overindulged at a restaurant.

Sometimes the carelessness of an individual or an institution causes a so-called “slip and fall” injury. There are different categories for these injuries, and they range in seriousness.

We have experience in every aspect of personal injury matters.

Brain Injury

It is important to get assessed and have a treatment plan put in place as soon as possible.

Significant recovery can occur over a short period of time if the appropriate treatment is received in the right environment. In addition, it is important that baseline testing be performed so that symptoms attributable to the organic injury can be identified.  Without timely baseline testing, it can be difficult to establish that ongoing symptoms are related to an organic injury as opposed to other conditions associated with the trauma of the injury and recovery process such as fatigue, depression, malaise and pain.

Most medical experts will not be able to provide an opinion on the prognosis of a brain injury until at least two years after the injury. This can result in delays in settling claims and can create financial hardship as people may be required to finance expensive care requirements with no, or limited, ability to earn income.

It is impossible to predict how a brain injury will develop. Harper Grey has been successful in obtaining multi-million dollar settlements for clients who have suffered brain injuries. Every case depends on its own circumstances, the extent of injury and the amount of insurance money available. We have obtained a settlement exceeding $4 million dollars for a client suffering a brain injury.

Impaired Function 

You need access to a full network of resources to assist you with your medical, rehabilitative, and personal needs as you transition to life after your injury.

Serious injury impacts every part of your life. It can a long emotional and physical road to recovery. You may be entitled to seek compensation for your pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses, past loss of income, care provided by loved ones, future loss of income, and future cost care. You may also be obligated to seek compensation from the Government of British Columbia for car provided to you if you were injured in an accident that did not involve a motor vehicle.

Harper Grey has been successful in obtaining significant settlements for clients who have suffered injuries resulting in an impairment of their ability to function. Every case depends on its own circumstances, the extent of injury and the amount of insurance money available. We obtained a settlement of $2 million dollars for a client who suffered multiple injuries as a child that resulted in her leg being amputate.

Wrongful Death 

Any accident that results in death may be termed a “wrongful death”.

There is no underestimating the impact of such a tragedy on the lives of those left behind. Shock, grief, guilt, anger, and a most of other emotions come to the fore as loved ones are left to cope.

Legislation in British Columbia can have a significant impact on your ability to seek compensation for a wrongful death. If the deceased was a financial provider or a caregiver, there may be a possibility of recovering loss of financial, caregiving or household support. There may be other mechanisms for achieving these goals, such as participating in a coroner’s inquest, inquiry, advocacy initiative or organization. It is important to receive legal advice at the outset due to the complexities of the law surrounding this area and the multiple objectives that people wish to achieve.


Spinal Cord Injury

After an accident, transition to life with a spinal cord injury can be challenging.

Every spinal cord injury is different. The effects go well beyond the ability to mobilize a limb. Damage to the autonomic nervous system can pose the greatest challenges. For people who suffer partial damage to the spinal cord or nerves there are a number of developing therapies that should be investigated. For those who have suffered complete cord injuries significant advances are being made with exo-skeletons and adaptive technologies. However, any spinal cord injury needs to be understood as a condition that progressively deteriorates due to the stress that is placed on unaffected parts of the body. At Harper Grey, we do our best to facilitate access to the best care and technologies, while recognizing the inevitable the inevitable progressive deterioration, to protect our client’s future as best as possible.

With the right support from treatment providers, family members and loved ones, those with spinal injuries can see the way forward. Harper Grey has been successful in obtaining significant settlements for their clients who have suffered spinal cord and nerve injuries. Every case depends on its own circumstances, the extent of the injury and the amount of insurance money available. We have obtained a settlement nearing $5 million dollars for a client suffering a spinal cord injury.

What are you entitled to?

When you have suffered a critical injury, Harper Grey will arrange for you to have the resources you need to recover while we work to arrive at a fair settlement.

We’ll start with a free consultation at our office, or at your home or care facility. We will then arrange access to the experts who are relevant to your case. These may include: forensic engineers, accountants and economists, vocational and education consultants, doctors, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, case planner, and other health care workers and rehabilitation, educational and general purpose support workers.

We will work cooperatively with your family, care team, insurers, and other involved parties until a settlement is reached. In some cases, we will fund specific care needs through a loan agreement until the matter has been resolved. We will fund all disbursements and will not receive payment of fees until the matter has been resolved.


Our fee is a percentage of your settlement. We do not get paid until a settlement is reached and paid. If we do not recover any money for you, we do not collect any fees. It’s that simple. Our fees are set at 30% of what we recover.


Disbursements are out-of-pocket expenses related to the investigation and development of your case; most are covered under the compensation you receive. For a person who has suffered a critical injury, disbursements can exceed $200,000 before the matter is resolved.

Financial Support

In some cases victims may need more care than they can afford while they wait for a settlement.

When this need is identified, Harper Grey may provide financial support in the form of a loan.

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