September 26, 2018

Cyberdontics places second in 2018 Innovate BC – New Ventures Competition

The 2018 Innovate BC – New Ventures BC (NVBC) competition came to a close on Monday, September 24, 2018.  Harper Grey’s Steven Lukas mentored Cyberdontics, a competing team.  The team made it to the top ten finalists and finished in second place, winning two additional prizes along the way.  In total, they won the $10,000 Top Regional startup-prize, the $15,000 Life Sciences prize, and the $60,000 second place prize.  Steven has been involved with the NVBC competition for over a decade, having been on the board of the society and serving as its chair for many years.  He was delighted to continue supporting the NVBC competition as a mentor and thrilled that the Cyberdontics team won second place.  Congratulations to all the participants!

Cyberdontics is developing technology that automates shaping teeth to accept crowns in a fraction of the time presently required.  Reducing time under the drill from an hour to three minutes is an important advantage to patients, as is the one appointment that is eliminated.  In a typical practice, Cyberdontics technology will save ~300 hours/year that dentists may use to build their practice, increase their incomes, or spend time away from the office.  Learn more about Cyberdontics here.

Learn more about NVBC here.