January 24, 2020

Daniel Reid interviewed by BCIT News regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s warning to paparazzi

Harper Grey lawyer, Daniel Reid, recently provided commentary to BCIT News regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s warning to paparazzi. After photos of Meghan Markle were recently leaked, lawyers for the couple released stern warnings to photographers in Canada.

Privacy laws in BC are different from those in the UK, which begs the question – what action can Harry and Meghan take if they feel their privacy is violated? 

“Factors the courts will look at if determining if this is a violation of privacy or not depends on the circumstances, the lawful interest of other people, the nature of the incidents, occasion of the act of contact and relationship between the parties, Daniel asserted. “If someone takes a picture of the royals at a sporting event or walking down Granville street or at a concert, they probably don’t have a high expectation for privacy. If someone takes a video or are recording them from 500 meters away looking through their bedroom window their expectation for privacy is probably a lot higher.”

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