July 19, 2023

Daniel Reid interviewed by LexisNexis about privacy implications in a recent decision

Harper Grey lawyer, Daniel Reid, was recently interviewed by LexisNexis regarding a recent privacy decision in British Columbia. In the decision, the BC Supreme Court overturned a privacy commissioner order to reveal information about Airbnb hosts. Read more about the case here.

In the interview, Dan spoke on the decision in terms of its privacy implications. “We have seen many cases, largely in the criminal context, where the courts are recognizing that privacy is more than just what goes on in the confines of your home and is something that needs to be strongly protected,” noted Dan, who was not involved in the case. “It is a shift away from this idea that privacy is an ‘all or nothing’ concept to a recognition that privacy is nuanced and has many elements to it. Just because we are OK with certain people, or certain organizations, having personal information about you doesn’t mean that is acceptable for that personal information to be more widely seen or widely known.” Read the full interview here.

Daniel maintains a broad defamation, privacy and insurance practice, with particular experience in online defamation, breach of privacy, and professional negligence cases. Read more about his specific expertise here.