February 8, 2022

Harper Grey cheering for Team Canada at the upcoming Paralympic Games in Beijing

With the 2022 Olympics underway in Beijing, the countdown is on for the Paralympic Games coming up on March 4-13. As a Hall of Champions donor of the Paralympic Foundation of Canada (PFC), Harper Grey is looking forward to cheering on our athletes during this exciting time.

Founded in 2015, PFC is a registered charitable foundation and the philanthropic arm of the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC). Their mandate is to raise funds to support the programs and activities of the CPC.

The PFC believes that every single Canadian should be able to imagine themselves at the start line, regardless of ability and that creating more opportunities for Canadians with a disability to be active in sport can inspire a nation. We believe that too.

Good luck to all the athletes competing in the upcoming games – you’ll have Harper Grey cheering from Vancouver for you!