March 13, 2015

Harper Grey receives highest ranking from Benchmark Canada 2015

For the third consecutive year, Harper Grey LLP has been recognized by Benchmark Canada: The Definitive Guide to Canada’s Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys 2015 as a “Highly Recommended” local litigation firm in British Columbia. The “Highly Recommended” ranking is given to those leading law firms held as dominant in their jurisdiction. Quotes obtained through research and interviews conducted by Benchmark Canada include:

“Harper Grey doesn’t rely as heavily on the general commercial litigation capacity that bigger, more corporate-focused firms do, but they have niches and in those niches they are the best of the best. [The firm has] real quality people, and they’ve put three people on the bench there in six years. They dominate the medical malpractice, insurance, and product liability, and they have some more specialties like bankruptcy, aviation, defamation, securities, even environmental. They are historically known mostly for insurance but there’s a lot more there than meets the eye.”

Benchmark Canada’s Guide includes results that are a culmination of a four-month research period that allows their researchers to conduct extensive interviews with litigators and their clients. During these interviews, they examine recent casework handled by the firms and ask sources to offer their professional opinions on litigators practising within their province or practice area(s) across the country.

Read more about Benchmark Canada, their in-depth editorial content and methodology here.