February 28, 2016

Harper Grey sponsors Angel Forum’s “Term Sheets & Due Diligence” Workshops for Investors and Entrepreneurs

Angel Forum’s “Term Sheets & Due Diligence” workshops for investors and entrepreneurs will be held on Tuesday, March 29, 2016. The workshops have been designed for angel investors by Canada’s National Angel Capital Association & NACO Academy with content provided by angel experts. The workshops are not introductory seminars or academic courses, but rather real life workshops. Typically drawing 40+ participants, the workshops are highly interactive and feature extension PowerPoint presentations followed by Q&A and case studies. Each topic will feature a panel of angel investors. Prentice Durbin joins the panel in his capacity as a venture business lawyer and will be available to discuss and answer questions on each topic. The half day workshops are offered back-to-back, not simultaneously.

Learn more about Angel Forum here.