June 5, 2015

Harper Grey sponsors One to One Literacy Society’s 2015 Annual Corporate Spelling Bee Challenge

For the second year, Harper Grey sponsored One to One Literacy Society’s annual corporate spelling bee challenge and also participated in the fundraiser. Harper Grey’s team – the Grey Beards – came in 3rd place beating out a record number of teams including Judges of the Provincial Court, Supreme Court and even the Court of Appeal. The Grey Beards are also unbeaten by any other law firm team.

One to One Literacy Society’s Annual Spelling Bee is a fundraising event which raises money to support children’s literacy in the greater Vancouver area. The funds raised provide books and resources for the 800 students in One to One’s 60 program schools, as well as training and support to their 300 volunteer tutors. The event was attended by lawyers, accountants, educators, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal judges, financial advisers, and other professionals. Find more information about the One to One Literacy Society here.

Congratulations to the members of the Grey Beard — Siobhan Sams, Kara Hill, JoAnne Barnum, Michael Stewart, Christopher Crisman-Cox and Laura Miller.