July 15, 2015

Harper Grey sponsors Vancouver Pride Parade “Lawyers With Pride” 2015 float

Any doubts about Vancouver’s progressive and diversity-friendly attitude are put to rest by the Vancouver Pride Parade celebrations. What started as a courageous and peaceful protest in 1978 has become one of the most grandiose, spirited and outspoken celebrations of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride. Attracting crowds of more than 650,000, the Pride Parade is renowned on the international stage as one of the largest and most successful LGBTQ2+ events in the world.

Through sparkling sun or sprinkling rain, the Pride Parade paints the city with rainbow hues. The parade reflects the spirit of the LGBT community and reminds us that Pride is for everyone. Pride’s diverse events are united by the critical message that individual uniqueness should be celebrated.

Harper Grey joins SOGIC-BC in celebrating the Vancouver Pride Parade, to be held on August 2, 2015, as a sponsor of the 4th annual “Lawyers with Pride” float.

SOGIC-BC is dedicated to improving visibility and celebrating diversity in the legal profession. Through our sponsorship of their float, we hope to help bring them closer to reaching their fundraising goal of $9,000.

Learn more about SOGIC-BC here.