April 16, 2015

Jeremy Shragge honoured with Access Pro Bono 2014 Allan Parker QC Award for Representation Services

On April 16, 2015, Access Pro Bono held their Annual Appreciation Breakfast to recognize the contributions of all of their volunteer lawyers and supporters for the preceding year.

Harper Grey Associate, Jeremy Shragge, was honoured to receive the 2014 Allan Parker QC Award for Representation Services which is given annually to recognize the exemplary representation services of an individual volunteer lawyer.

The award recognizes the exceptional pro bono legal services that Jeremy has provided in seeking out the most challenging litigation files from the APB Civil Chambers Program. Applying bold and creative strategies in desperate – and, at times, seemingly hopeless – circumstances Jeremy successfully overturned patently unreasonable decisions of the Residential Tenancy Branch, reversed an eviction under the Cooperative Association Act, halted the bailiff’s sale of a terminal cancer patient’s home, and protected a young man from a half-million dollar judgment in a very difficult tort action. “Jeremy’s dedication to providing pro bono legal service, and his leadership on this important front, exemplifies the legal professional at its best”, says Richard Bereti, Managing Partner. “He and the pro bono team at Harper Grey have our support and our thanks.”

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