August 4, 2015

John Sullivan appointed Harper Grey’s designated representative for TAGLaw International

Harper Grey partner, John Sullivan, has been appointed as the firm’s designated representative for TAGLaw International.

Harper Grey has been BC’s member of the TAGLaw International legal alliance since 2002. Through our membership in TAGLaw, we provide our clients with access to high quality legal, accounting and financial representation around the world.

Our membership in TAGLaw provides us with the ability to connect our clients with the specific legal services they require anywhere their business takes them”, says Richard Bereti, Managing Partner of Harper Grey. “Since joining TAGLaw, we have developed strong relationships with member firms throughout the world, so we know and trust them. TAGLaw is dynamic and progressive. Our firm proudly hosted the 2015 TAGLaw / TIAG Western Region Conference, the first such conference to welcome TIAG members. As TAGLaw grows and diversifies, so too do the opportunities it affords our clients.”

Learn more about the TAGLaw Alliance here.

If you have any questions or would like more information relating to our membership in TAGLaw please contact:

John Sullivan