November 18, 2019

Kim Jakeman Appointed a Member of the Property Assessment Appeal Board

On November 15, 2019, Kim Jakeman was appointed by Order of the Lieutenant Governor in Counsel as a member of the Property Assessment Appeal Board for a term ending November 4, 2022.

The Board is the second level of appeal for property assessments in BC. The Board receives appeals on assessments for all types of properties from single family dwellings to farms to major industry dealing with issues such as whether property has been assessed at actual (market value), correctly classified or whether it qualifies for a tax exemption. The objective of the Board is to assist in resolving appeals by mutual agreement. If an appeal is not settled, one or more Board members will make a decision and issue a written decision. Board members are appointed by the Provincial Government and are independent from BC Assessment (who creates the assessments), the Property Assessment Review Panels (the first level of appeal) and the Government. Learn more about the Board here.