January 6, 2017

Kim Jakeman appointed to Quickscribe panel of expert legal annotators

Harper Grey partner, Kim Jakeman, has been appointed Quickscribe’s expert legal annotator in the area of Health Law. Kim is the Co-chair of the firm’s Health Law group and her practice includes both civil litigation and administrative proceedings. She has been involved in cases addressing standard of medical care, consent to treatment, limitation defenses, liability for medical products, professional regulation and discipline. Kim has been counsel on a number of significant decisions in British Columbia including cases deciding the issue of causation in medical negligence. She has also developed niche expertise in the emerging legal field of MAID (medical assistance in dying) and is Chair of the National CBA End-of-Life Working Group convened to study the legal and ethical issues surrounding end of life decisions.

Quickscribe offers powerful tools designed for tracking, referencing and researching current and historical versions of BC Statutes, regulations, Bills, Orders in Council and key federal laws. Learn more about Quickscribe here.