February 10, 2021

Kim Jakeman Elected to the Paralympic Foundation of Canada Board of Directors

On February 1, 2021, at a Special General Meeting of the Paralympic Foundation of Canada (“PFC”) Harper Grey partner, Kim Jakeman, was elected to the Board of Directors.

Kim is as passionate about diversity and inclusion as she is about the law. She has been involved with various organizations both inside and outside of the legal community that focus on diversity and actively work to create a genuinely inclusive culture. A strong supporter of gender balance and women’s initiatives, Kim spearheaded the creation of Life in Law, a solution that goes beyond traditional approaches to help lower the attrition rate of women lawyers from the practice of law. An accomplished athlete in her own right, Kim also has a well-earned reputation for championing and supporting women in sport. She is honored to have been elected to the PFC to continue the diversity and inclusion dialogue in the Olympic arena.

The PFC is a registered charitable foundation, founded in 2015 as the philanthropic arm of the Canadian Paralympic Committee (“CPC”) with a mandate to raise funds to support the programs and activities of the CPC. The PFC believes that by creating more opportunities for Canadians with a disability to be active in sport, they can inspire a nation to be committed to a more inclusive sporting landscape where all Canadians are represented.  Learn more about the PFC here.