June 10, 2016

Meet the new Canadian Insurance Law Blog. A simple, clear experience.

Harper Grey’s in-depth and comprehensive Canadian Insurance Law Blog, begun in 2004 by Michael Thomas, is the premier database and index for leading substantive cases involving insurance laws in Canada.

While the original version of the Blog served its purpose well, we are excited to announce a new and improved design. The primary objectives of our redesign were focused on improving the navigation and providing platform responsiveness across all devices. Our redesigned Blog now provides a fast and consistent experience whether viewed on a big screen or small. The easy to navigate case databases and indexed archives are organized by jurisdiction, type of insurance and topic making it easy for you to find the most relevant cases. Authors and editors are now easily identified and short introductions about our contributors are included.

The Canadian Insurance Law Blog has always provided immediate access to detailed case summaries and insightful commentary on cases that have helped shape the current state of this area of law. The redesign now makes that information easier to access and provides a simple, clear experience.

We invite you to take a tour.