March 13, 2014

Richard Attisha hosts “Call Of Duty” Event at BC Children’s Hospital

Harper Grey’s Richard Attisha hosted a heartwarming event at BC Children’s Hospital on March 10, 2014. “Call of Duty”, was a project initiated to support the BC Children’s Hospital and to thank the staff for the extraordinary care given to Richard’s son when he was admitted for three weeks in September with Septicemia following a ruptured appendix.

During his stay in the hospital, Scott Attisha found respite from the long hours of treatment and recovery by playing video games and wanted to help make consoles and games available to other kids as well.

Through the Call of Duty project, over the season Scott and his hockey team – the Arbutus Avalanche Peewee Rep – raised funds by enlisting supporters, including generous clients of Harper Grey, to make a donation for each of the team’s goals, assists and wins. The boys were so motivated to support their cause that they made it to the 2014 Provincial Peewee Rep Championships in Nelson.

More importantly, their fundraising efforts made it possible to donate 15 PS3 consoles, one XBox and 50 games to the hospital to promote healing through video games. Call of Duty raised $500 to enable a sick child, with a rare skin disease, to travel home to Prince George between treatments.

At the “Call of Duty” event, Richard and Scott were able to personally thank not only the surgeons and nurses for their extraordinary dedication but also all of the other medical, housekeeping and catering staff for their behind the scenes hard work and commitment.

Andrew Wilkinson, Vancouver-Quilchena MLA, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizen’s Services and former partner at Harper Grey, also sent a message of thanks to both the staff at Children’s Hospital and the “Call of Duty” kids for their contributions to the hospital.

Harper Grey is extremely proud of the Arbutus Avalanche team and their dedication to this extremely worthy cause. The Arbutus Avalanche team proves that you don’t have to be a professional hockey player to make a difference in the life of a child.

Arbutus Avalanche Team

The Arbutus Avalanche team with Dr. Erik Skarsgard and their donations to the BC Children’s Hospital.

Scott and his teammates with Dr Erik Skarsgard

Scott Attisha and his teammates with Dr Erik Skarsgard.