May 21, 2021

Rose Keith, QC joins CBA Working Group – Broken Lives, Broken Dreams Report

Harper Grey lawyer, Rose Keith, QC, has joined the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Working Group – Broken Lives, Broken Dreams Report. This group will work to assess the claims for compensation of women who had experienced sexual harassment and gender or sexual orientation-based discrimination while working for the RCMP.

A long-time advocate for survivors of abuse, a significant portion of Rose’s practice is devoted to representing clients in sexual abuse and harassment cases. Her involvement in these types of claims began with representation of survivors of Indian Residential Schools and has continued with representation of clients either in an institutional or non-institutional setting. Rose has a particular interest in assisting with her client’s physical and emotional recovery by ensuring that they are receiving the care that they need and are accessing the experts that can help. Given her vast experience in this area, Rose was keen to lend her expertise to such an important working group.

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