Presentation Date: 21.May.15 April 7, 2015

Andrew Brine to participate in panel discussion on “Damages: Practical Guidance And Macro-Economic Analysis In Medical Malpractice Awards” at CBA 2015 National Health Law Summit

The Canadian Bar Association will be hosting the Fifth Biennial National Health Law Summit in Banff, Alberta on May 21-22, 2015. The summit offers legal practitioners, industry experts and other professionals serving healthcare organizations practical advice for complex problems and explores the critical issues in health law today.

Andrew Brine will join the “Damages: Practical Guidance and Macro-Economic Analysis in Medical Malpractice Awards” panel. This practical session will be all about the art and science of damage claims with a very human context. Andrew will join the other panelists to discuss the uniquely complex mixture of legal, medical and economic principals of damages in medical malpractice cases in our publicly-funded health care system. They will explore the “big picture” macro-economic analysis and the “nuts and bolts” of the issues. Various fact scenarios will give the panelists an opportunity to discuss all sides of the damages claims in each case.

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