Presentation Date: 23.May.14 May 1, 2014

Barbara Norell to present “The Scalpel or Bone Saw: Choosing Your Expert” at upcoming CLE BC Course

The CLE BC Course “Anatomy of a Medical Expert” being held on May 23, 2014, will assist counsel to be well prepared when dealing with a range of medical experts from initial engagement, to the expert’s report, to testifying at trial. The multi-dimensional format of the course combines audience interaction with substantive law, and features the most experienced medical malpractice counsel, both plaintiff and defence, in live demonstrations of cross-examination of medical doctors. The program will cover a broad range of medical expert issues from medicine, to litigation practice, to professionalism.

As part of that course, Barbara Norell will be presenting “Anatomy of a Medical Expert ” which will review considerations on whether to use an expert who has been frequently used or who is an unknown quantity, factors that should be reflected on when using a local versus out of town medical expert, what “weight” should be placed on prior judicial comments, when should you avoid retaining a particular expert, how many experts should or can a party retain, and vetting the experts’ CV.

Find out more about the course here.