Presentation Date: 7.Oct.15 October 8, 2015

Bill MacRae presents Wills & Estates Seminar to WOWRide’s Cycling Club

On October 7, 2015, Bill MacRae presented a Wills & Estates Seminar to the WOWRide Cycling Club. As a senior partner with Harper Grey, Bill focuses on helping clients set up wills, trusts and use other tools to help them preserve wealth and transfer it to their beneficiaries in the way they want. At the same time, he advises them regarding the laws that could impact on what they want to do. The seminar covered topics including:

  • Basics of Estate Planning
  • First marriage vs. Second marriage
  • Who can bring a challenge against your Will?
  • Tools used to avoid challenges to your Will
  • Income Tax considerations
  • Probate procedure and costs