Presentation date: 01.Nov.19 October 16, 2019

Jackson Doyle to present at upcoming 2019 BCCA AGM and Convention

Harper Grey lawyer, Jackson Doyle, is slated to present at the upcoming 2019  BCCA AGM and Convention taking place at the Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort in Victoria from November 1-3.

Jackson’s presentation will cover the basics all the way up to challenging situations where health care professionals and their staff may inadvertently disclose sensitive patient information and is titled “Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Patient Confidentiality”. The presentation will focus on the sources of professional obligations concerning confidentiality, how confidentiality applies and when it does not, potential consequences of confidentiality breaches and how to mitigate the risk of breaches in the context of emerging healthcare issues such as electronic medical records, privacy scams, telemedicine and contentious family disputes.

Read more about the convention here.