Presentation Date: 23.Oct.15 October 14, 2015

James Lepp, QC and Bryan Baynham, QC to join Panel of Learned Litigators at upcoming CLE course “A Litigator’s Arsenal – The Tools And Techniques For Litigation Success!”

On Friday, October 23, 2015 James Lepp, QC and Bryan Baynham, QC will join a Panel of Learned Litigators to share “treasures of civil litigation strategic advice and chambers war stories”. The CLE course “A Litigator’s Arsenal” will be relevant to civil litigators at the intermediate level who wish to move beyond the basics and develop some of the finer points of litigation practice; experienced lawyers who seek a refresher on the elements of litigation practice will also find the program valuable.

Knowledge of the Supreme Court Rules is a necessary but not sufficient condition to being a great civil litigator. To be an effective counsel requires in-depth knowledge of the rules in practice and how to best utilize them in any given context. There are many nuances in Supreme Court civil practice which depend on a critical understanding of how a file can be expeditiously moved towards a satisfactory resolution. This core practice course focuses on what counsel need to know to maximize their effectiveness in the increasingly challenging arena of civil litigation. Attendees will learn an arsenal of practice “secrets” that experienced counsel apply time and time again. This “beyond the basics” course will blend black letter law, practice tips, best practices, and words of wisdom from seasoned practitioners that will assist a broad spectrum of litigators to raise their level of practice.

At this course attendees will learn…

  • high level litigation best practices from the bench
  • high level litigation skills: professionalism and file and client management
  • substantive law in key facets of litigation practice: pleadings, affidavits, and costs
  • high level practice skills in key litigation areas: discovery, chambers, and pre-trial procedures such as case planning conferences and trial management conferences

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