Presentation Date: 29.Sep.15 September 15, 2015

Jonathan Meadows and Daniel Reid to present at the 2015 RIMS Canada Conference on “Winning at Mediation”

On September 29, Harper Grey Partner Jonathan Meadows and Associate Daniel Reid will be presenting at the 41st Annual RIMS Canada Conference in Quebec. They will be presenting on the topic “Winning at Mediation – How to Effectively Use Mediation to Obtain a Winning Result” and will discuss how mediation and alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) play a critical role in our justice system. The session will use specific case examples to demonstrate negotiation strategies, tips and tricks for advancing your case at mediation, and common errors that can derail the ADR process. It will also touch on the underlying psychology of disputes which can be leveraged to obtain an effective outcome at the mediation table – “winning” at mediation.

They will be joined by Dan Heaman, Director of Risk Management and Insurance for Central 1 Credit Union and Warren Cooney, Senior Claims Specialist for AXIS Reinsurance Company.

For more information on the conference, please click here.