Event Date: 16.Feb.22 February 4, 2022

Monique Sever to serve as panelist at Canadian Legal Innovation Forum Webinar Series

Harper Grey paralegal, Monique Sever, will be a panelist at the upcoming Canadian Legal Innovation Forum Webinar Series. Monique will be participating in the session on February 16 titled, “How is the Role of the Paraprofessional Evolving in Mid-Size Law Firms?”

In this 60 minute webinar, the speakers will look at how the role of the paraprofessional in mid-sized law firms is evolving and how innovative law firms are supporting this evolution.
Specifically, the speakers will consider:

  • How is the role of paraprofessionals evolving in law firms? What kind of innovative structures are firms putting in place to support this evolution?
  • How are law firms scaling up the scope of work done by paraprofessionals to deliver value for firms and their clients?
  • As super-users of legal technology (established and emerging), how are paraprofessionals integrating technology into their workflows and driving adoption within firms?

Read more about the event and find information about how to register here.

Learn more about Monique’s expertise in this area here.