Presentation date: 01.Nov.19 October 11, 2019

Rose Keith to present at 2019 BCCA AGM and Convention

The 2019 BCCA AGM and Convention will be held from November 1-3 at the Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort in Victoria. Featuring  a combination of lecture style and hands-on presentations as well as various networking opportunities for chiropractors, this event will be an incredibly useful educational session for all attendees.

Harper Grey lawyer, Rose Keith, will be speaking at the convention. Her presentation will be catered specifically for new chiropractic graduates, titled “Legal Tips for the New Practitioner,” which will provide attendees with tips to help manage their employment relationships in a way that is compliant with statutory requirements while providing them with protections available at law.  An overview of statutory, WorkSafeBC, Human Rights and common law requirements for employment relationships will be provided.

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