Event date: 29.Sept.20 September 29, 2020

Steven Lukas co-presents Stock Options Workshop

Harper Grey business law lawyer, Steven Lukas, co-presented in collaboration with PwC for a Stock Options Workshop presented by Angel Forum as part of Vancouver Start-Up Week.

This interactive workshop discussed the tax and other implications of equity compensation (stock option plans).

Workshop attendees learned the following:

  • What the different types of equity plans are
  • Taxation differences between¬†employees and independent contractors
  • What are the benefits of being and maintaining status as a “CCPC”
  • When do you recognize the benefit and when do you have to pay the tax
  • How to qualify for the lifetime capital gains exemption
  • What happens in the event of a loss on a business failure
  • What are the differences that apply if you hire a US citizen
  • Whether you are required to withhold and remit tax to CRA
  • What happens on a buyout or share exchange
  • Whether to consider having an employee share trust

Read more about the event here.