Published In: CLE BC Administrative Law Practice Manual - Part Two: Review by the Courts - 2015 October 9, 2015

Julie Gibson and William Clark co-author Chapter 16 “Interlocutory Practice” of BC Administrative Law Practice Manual

Harper Grey’s William Clark and Julie Gibson, with the assistance of articled student Jackson Doyle, co-authored a chapter in the recently published 2015 update of Continuing Legal Education’s British Columbia Administrative Law Practice Manual, Part Two: Review by the Courts. Their informative Chapter 16 update discusses Interlocutory Practice in judicial review. William and Julie have been chapter authors for this legal textbook since 2012 .

The British Columbia Administrative Law Practice Manual provides a framework for lawyers who practice before and represent administrative law decision-makers in British Columbia, as well as decision-makers themselves and judges. This framework, along with helpful hyperlinks to legislation, case law, and other decisions, creates a unified resource for counsel in administrative law proceedings, judicial review, statutory appeals, and stated cases. The manual covers both federal and provincial decision-makers and proceedings in both federal and British Columbia superior courts. Lawyers will find practical advice on how to conduct themselves at all levels of representation, the roles of various parties, how to avoid common pitfalls, practice tips on effective advocacy and drafting, and dealing with unrepresented parties.

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