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Meet our Student Recruitment Team

Our Student Recruitment Team is passionate about helping students launch their careers and find their place within the practice of law.


Joel Morris and Mandeep Gill take a keen interest in continually evolving and developing our summer and articling programs to ensure that students receive well-rounded articles and the best possible experience. Joel and Mandeep bring a unique perspective to the student recruitment team. They both began their career at Harper Grey and can speak to their own experience of being an articling student, and then a lawyer, at the firm.

“At Harper Grey, we have built our reputation for excellence by attracting and retaining some of the best legal professionals in the country. Many of our lawyers began their careers with us as students and have helped shape our excellent articling program. The diversity of our practice provides students with the opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of work in both litigation and business law. We believe law is very much about people and our student program goes beyond the work. Our lawyers are approachable and collegial and we offer an environment of true collaboration and respect. We are passionate about finding talented, dedicated students that will grow with us and become future leaders of our firm. We hope you will consider applying to Harper Grey for your articles.” Mandeep and Joel

Meet our Director of Professional Development – Emilie LeDuc. Emilie oversees the development of our student programs, including recruiting and hiring our students.

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