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We are entering a pivotal time for privacy.

Balancing an individual’s right to privacy while taking advantage of new technological opportunities must be a priority for organizations in the coming years.

Our interdisciplinary team of privacy, cybersecurity and data protection lawyers assist public and private organizations in navigating the complex and evolving privacy and data protection landscape at the provincial and federal levels in Canada. We work with our clients to help them understand the legislative requirements and operationalize practices that are compliant with current regulations. This includes creating a privacy framework to manage risk and create a culture of privacy at your organizations, which may mean helping your startup draft their first privacy policy or advising on workplace-related privacy issues. We also assist our clients with taking immediate action against privacy breaches, conducting risk assessments and guiding you through regulatory processes, including investigations by the provincial or federal Office of the Information Privacy Commissioner.

We help our clients balance compliance with innovation – while keeping employer rights and business needs top of mind.


  • Assistance handling privacy breaches
  • Drafting privacy policies and website terms of use
  • Ensuring proactive professional compliance infrastructure
  • Developing and managing privacy impact assessments
  • Providing guidance for handling privacy breach response
  • Advising on regulatory investigations
  • Health information privacy
  • Workplace privacy
  • Providing counsel on disputes relating to data loss



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