Event Date: 25.Aug.21 August 26, 2021

Harper Grey Hosts “Ask Us Anything Employer Webinar: Returning to the Workplace”

On Wednesday, August 25, 2021, our Workplace Law Group hosted their third “Ask Us Anything Employer Webinar” focused on returning to the workplace. The panel discussion provided insights from members of our Workplace Law group: Scott MarcinkowRose Keith, QCRyan Chan, Deanne Froese and Neal Parker, who discussed vaccinations, workplace safety, the continuation of remote or hybrid work and more.

Check out the recorded session below.

The group’s first panel discussion, which took place in June, focused on “Covid Concerns in the Workplace”. View the recording here. Their second session, focused on “Remote Work”, was hosted in July. That recording is also available for viewing here.

  1. What are the high points of the Public Health Order that was announced by the BC government on Monday? Who will it apply to and what are the requirements? 5:44
  2. Can workplaces move ahead with this in advance of the government mandated deadline? 8:40
  3. For businesses outside the new public health order, what considerations should be applied in determining whether to implement a similar policy despite not being required to do so? 12:33
  4. What should you take into consideration when making the decision to require your employees to become vaccinated? 17:26
  5. Despite the Public Health Order referring only to access to events, services and businesses, can those events, services and businesses also require all staff to be immunized? 19:26
  6. If an employer is considering implementing  a mandatory vaccination policy, what do they need to be aware of? Can they do that and how can that be managed? 20:56
  7. Can an employer make it a condition of hire that an individual be fully vaccinated? 27:46
  8. For an employer who has made vaccines mandatory, what should they be requiring for proof? 30:50
  9. Is there something short of mandatory vaccination that could be put in place to help ensure the workplace is safe? 33:39
  10. Why is it important for employers to think about vaccinations, PPE and other protective measures in the workplace? 37:12
  11. Are there any concerns or considerations that employers need to be thinking about if they choose to incentivize people to get vaccines as opposed to instituting a mandatory vaccination policy? 38:59
  12. Is there guidance out there for employers on what measures they need to keep and which they can discontinue in terms of physical distancing, wearing of masks and limiting the amount of people in a given area? 40:48
  13. If they aren’t mandated, can an employer or workplace decide that they want to keep certain measures such as masks in place for either their employees or their workers? 43:16
  14. What considerations should employers keep in mind when determining whether to continue with remote work? 45:48
  15. Do employers have to provide employees with the opportunity to continue to work at home? 48:37
  16. What obligations does an employer have around providing equipment to remote employees? 51:37
  17. What if an employer can’t guarantee a safe workplace for remote employees? 53:27


This webinar took place on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 at 10:00am PDT. The pandemic is a rapidly changing situation and new measures may have been introduced since the time of recording. The information provided through this webinar recording is intended for general information purposes only and does not create a lawyer-client relationship. It is not intended as legal advice from Harper Grey LLP or the individual participants, nor intended as a substitute for legal advice on any specific subject matter. Detailed legal counsel should be sought prior to undertaking any legal matter